Open Call for Spring Volume ii


The Art of our Collective Dream

“In the natural world, there is no true black flower– most are very dark shades of purple or red. Though, the black flower serves as the holy grail to flower breeders–a symbol of mystery, romance, and success. It hints not towards the finite, narrow, and understood, but to the extravagant and liminal space just beyond.”

Our Mission

Born out of the Appalachian Plains, we publish literature, photography, and art books about love and beauty in times like these.

Our work and mission is rooted in meeting you where you are: on the earth, buried in the soil, budding with hope, covered in dew, bursting with light. We want to dream together- hand in hand- so that we may cultivate a community of ripening individuals, build a spirit of reciprocity, and share work in a meaningful and tangible way.

What we Publish

Seasonal Volumes

During the Spring and Fall we release group books showcasing submitted work around a curated theme.

Poetry Collections

 A collection of a poet’s writings built around specific theme, idea, or concept. We help take a manuscript into an elegant book.

PHOTOgraphy & Art BOOKS

A book exhibition of a visual artist’s work around a specific theme, idea, or concept. We help to curate, build, print, & distribute an artist’s books.