Eternal Sermon

by Kalie Krause

Eternal Sermon is Kalie Krause’s meditation on Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum—tucked into her home in the Ohio River Valley. Here, in this place, Kalie began walking alongside death and reclaimed her affinity for life. Spring Grove became a repository of interactions with the world next to ours and a refuge where she found her soul.

The camera entered as a tool to document its essence and reach with the limbs of trees, flowers, and the human community. When viewing Kalie’s work it is impossible not to follow her into rooms of the forest, forms of the Kentucky grass, and graves of the past. These photographs offer a breach into the world Kalie sees—glimmers of the beyond, and a hope to bring it all together. Following her we are crawling, stumbling, and leaping into the visible and invisible family of things—listening closely to her Eternal Sermon.

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