About Us

an independent book publisher of literature, photography, & arts

Our Mission

Born out of the Appalachian Plains, we publish literature, photography, & art books about love and beauty in times like these.

Our work and mission is rooted in meeting you where you are: on the earth, buried in the soil, budding with hope, covered in dew, bursting with light. We want to dream together–hand in hand–so that we may cultivate a community of ripening individuals, build a spirit of reciprocity, and share work in a meaningful and tangible way.

Roman A. Gioglio

Roman A. Gioglio

Co-Founder, Literary Arts Curator

William W. Sharp

William W. Sharp

Co-Founder, Visual Arts Curator

Our Story

Our names are Will and Roman. We are two friends from Ohio: passionate about deep experiences of love, spirituality, ecology, geography, and art. We want to be the witnesses in your darkest moments, rise up together, and  honor all stages of the process. Most of all we want to allow our practice to be enough, our love to be enough.

Our Process

This process is not unique to Black Flower. We are standing on the shoulders of many.  We build on generations of bookmakers, publishers, and artists that come before us. Though, the relationship of reciprocity that we will hold together during this process will be unique. 


Prioritizing building a relationship  together as humans first, then as artists.


Developing artistic style and your body of work’s identity together.


Defining your body of work at a deeper level and parsing through its content.

Book Building

Imagining and creating your book’s style and designing its elegant pages.


Printing your book and managing its marketing, release, and distribution.