Seasonal Volumes

Each Spring we release a curated group volume showcasing ripening artists

Spring Volume ii Currently in Curation:

The Garden of Dreams

The Art of our Collective Dream

Welcome to Black Flower’s Seasonal Volume project. Here, each Spring and Fall we release an open call for submissions to photographers, artists, and writers around a curated theme. Then, we select work from the submission pool based on a variety of factors, including adherence to the theme, how it interacts with other submitted work, and to what level it compels the Black Flower team during that time.

This coalesces in an elegant, printed group volume that combines photography, visual art forms, and writings (essays, poetry, short stories) from around the world. We hope this project can bring artist’s together, build community, expand multi-media publication, and curate a compelling body of work that would be otherwise impossible.

Spring Volume I: The Promise of Spring

(no longer in print)