Black Flower's past and current book projects

Seasonal Volumes

Each Spring and Fall we release an open call around a curated topic for photographers, writers, and artists to submit their work to. Based on these submissions, we select, curate, and publish a group volume. “The promise of spring,” our spring volume I, was released in May 2021.

Eternal Sermon by Kalie Krause

Kalie Krause’s forthcoming photobook, Eternal Sermon, explores the place that saved her life, Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum. Over the last two years, on long walks through its bustling grounds, Krause’s camera entered as a tool to document its essence. What unfolded became an opening of her soul. These photographs offer a breach into the world Kalie sees—glimmers of the beyond, and a hope to bring it all together.

The Boy in The Wild Orchard by Ben Killian

Ben Killian’s forthcoming photobook, coming in Late Summer, 2022. The Boy in The Wild Orchard, his first full-length photobook, releases a body of work Ben has been dedicated to the last five years. Here, he dives into his rich journey of claiming his life and initiating his soul. Using his camera as a vessel to hold the world around him, Killian’s images develop as such, revealing an intimacy, mystery, and unrelenting love that penetrates the inner place of the viewer.